Grey Ghost Graphics Suggested Links

The following is a list of people and businesses that I heartily recommend. They are the best at what they do and deserve your patronage. Please tell them Jeff sent you! 

The Leathercrafters and Saddlers Journal
Fantastic source for everything leather!

Steel Stamps, Inc.
Tim Purdy is a great guy and makes a wonderful product. He specializes in hardened steel stamps that will last generations. We send customers back and forth all the time depending on what the customer needs.

Leather Machine Company (Steve Tayrien)
Excellent source for all types of leather sewing machines, skivers, etc. Ask for Steve or David!

Y-Knot Lace
Excellent source of kangaroo lace. Ask for Barb!

QED Lighting
Great LED headlamps and magnification. Ask for Ira!

Pro Series Tools by Robert Beard
The worlds finest leather carving tools by Stohman Award recipient Robert Beard. Bob is one of the finest leather carvers on the planet and teaches classes the world over. You can call him at 505-632-7039.

Ed LaBarre- Bearman Mauls
Ed makes some of the finest mauls and swivel knives out there. He has a wide variety of cool tools for sale as well as his own pattern/design books.

Standing Bear’s Trading Post
#LetTalk Leather
Selling leathercraft supplies, teaching leatherwork and beautiful custom leatherwork by Al Stohlman winner Wayne.

Pikes Peak Saddlery/Bob Brenner
Bob Brenner offers superbly crafted western saddles and tack. He also offers awesome laser cut templates for the saddle maker and leather artisan.

Ron’s Tools
World class edgers and other fine leather tools.