"Hey Jeff! I just received my stamp and I couldn't have asked for a cooler, better way to mark my products. I greatly appreciate your help with this and the delivery time was absolutely incredible. I will be sharing your information with everyone who is looking for something similar and make sure to tag you in any work I share. Thank you again!" - Mitchell N.

Transfer Sheets

Transfer sheets for quickly laying out tooling patterns on leather. These custom reusable transfers are better than traditional tapoffs because of the way the raised design imprints the leather. The lines of your pattern will be raised on the transfer sheet. This creates an indented line in the leather for your swivel knife to follow.
These transfer sheets are laser engraved into .030 white Delrin. This enables you to transfer your own carving patterns to the leather prior to carving. Thus eliminating the tedious tracing procedure.
You supply an ink line drawing of your pattern on plain white paper and it will be transformed into a transfer sheet. These sheets are thin, flexible, semi-transparent and amazingly durable.
I also have several patterns from some of my classes as well as several fantastic patterns by Stohlman Award recipient Robert Beard. These are available for purchase through my online store.