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Leather Working Tutorials

Below are a selection of leather working tutorials. I will be adding more as time allows. Some of these talk about concepts that I wish I had known when I first started out in 1988. There are many ways to accomplish a task but to know the most efficient one is priceless. A great example is the basketweave tutorial. My basket pattern used to meander down a guitar strap like a snake. I could never keep it running straight. One day I attended a trade show and saw a demonstration on basket stamping and voila! No more crooked basket stamps!

Leather working tutorials-Basketweave before
Leather working tutorials-Basketweave after
Picture of three color airbrushed leather flames.

Create stunning color transitions using an airbrush and three colors on carved leather flames.

Example of multi layered leather carving.

A detailed discussion of beveling floral designs in leather carving.

Inserting smaller lifter into end of leaf.

An informative tutorial on the use of petal lifters.  Beautiful 3D effects make your leather carvings come to life!

How use the Mosby Rope tool by Robert Beard to create a realistic rope effect.

Sample photo of basketweave

A  tutorial on how to stamp a basketweave pattern that doesn’t meander all over the place on belts, straps etc.