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Petal Lifters

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Leather carving with petal lifting done with petal lifting tool by Grey Ghost Graphics

Petal lifters for leather carving.  Made from high quality tool steel, hardened and tempered. These tools are meticulously shaped, sharpened and polished to make petal lifting almost effortless. I round over the  heel of the tool to help prevent it from leaving tracks on the leather. Available in sizes 0,1,2,3 and 4. The hardwood graver style handles feature a flat face which is aligned with the bottom face of the tool. This helps to provide maximum clearance when inserting the tip into the leather. This has an added benefit of keeping the tool from rolling around your bench. The petal lifters are $30.00 each for sizes 0-3 and $35.00 for size 4. Buy the set of four (sizes 0-3) for $115.00. Sizes 1-4 are $125.00 and the complete set is $145.00. Shipping is calculated upon checkout.

I am  often asked for suggestions as to which sizes to buy.  Of course I recommend the whole set!  If you were to have just one I would go with the number 2.  If you do larger flowers then the #3 or #4 is perfect.  For small flowers the #1 or #2 will work very well.  The #0 is for very small delicate details.

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